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Construction of the road bed on a weak base

Geosynthetic materials of the Slavros brand are recommended for use in the construction of embankments on a weak foundation, folded with organic, mineral or organic mineral soils, as:

  • mainly protective interlayers laid on the prepared surface of a weak base, provided that the entire road construction is stable (no form changeable during operation and construction);
  • reinforcing layers to ensure the stability of embankments on weak grounds. These layers simultaneously serve as protective layers;
  • protective reinforcing layers during the construction of temporary roads on weak grounds;
  • vertical drainage elements to accelerate the consolidation of soils of a weak base.
The arrangement of predominantly protective (separation and technological) interlayers eliminates (reduces) the interpenetration of the embankment material and the foundation soil, improves the conditions of dumping and consolidation of the embankment, which facilitates the production technology, reduces the loss of embankment material.
The use of protectivereinforcing interlayers from materials of the Slavros brand at the base of the embankment during the construction of temporary roads or low categories on weak soils is carried out to reduce the unevenness of precipitation, as well as to reduce the thickness of the bulk layer of low embankments. This reduces the rut of traffic in the case of low embankments and creates favorable conditions for compacting the lower layers of embankments with a height of more than 2 m. When constructing temporary roads, access roads, platforms, construction roads with lower types of coatings, the use of Slavros geogrids as reinforcing and protective (separation) layer at the boundary between the bulk and underlying soil can improve the conditions of movement of transport and sealing means.
Removing the top of a weak stratum with a cage / semiboom cage made of geosynthetic materials of the Slavros brand and filling it with a draining ground gives a complex effect of increasing the strength and acceleration of achieving the desired degree of consolidation of the base.
Partial removal of weak soil from the base of the embankment with the device of the clip is advisable in the following cases:
  • the need for strict limitation of the elevation of the roadway, when compliance with the strength conditions requires the construction of a massive embankment of a certain thickness;
  • if the upper layers of the weaker strata have significantly lower strength than the lower ones; to accelerate sediment stabilization, if for any reason it is not advisable to use temporary load or vertical drainage.

A typical design scheme with partial replacement of the weak layer is shown in the figure.

Vertical drainage elements made of geosynthetic materials "Slavros" are used to accelerate the consolidation of soils of a weak base with the provided stability of the base under the load from the weight of the embankment. Draining elements are tapes of nonwoven needle-punched geotextile material "Slavros". Vertical belt drains should, as a rule, reach solid layers of soil under weak water-saturated soils - biogenic (peat, sapropel, peat soil) or mineral (silt, clay soil, fine sand). The general construction solution is shown in the figure.

In order to increase stability and to obtain a practically non-saturated base with the natural mechanical properties of a weak stratum, reinforcement of the base of the embankment with rigid piles may be provided. When calculating the pile foundation, an optimal combination of pile diameter, distance between the piles and strength of the pile material is found. As a flexible grillage used geosynthetic canvas brand "Slavros".