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Increased slope stability

The use of high-strength geosynthetic materials allows to increase the stability of soil structures of bends, thereby providing the necessary stability of the soil. In order to achieve these goals, it is proposed to use reinforcing layers from a monoaxially oriented geogrid of the Slavros SO brand.
Calculations of the stability of slopes of embankments or slopes are made to determine the causes of their deformations. Stability is estimated in several sections for both the full height of the slope or slope (overall stability), and for individual parts of the slopes or slopes (local stability). 
Reinforcing layers to ensure the stability of embankments are used if, according to the assessment performed in accordance with the existing regulations, stability is not ensured. The reinforcing layers compensate for the deficiency of holding forces, and the efficiency of their use depends on the mechanical properties, first of all, the calculated values of long-term strength, which are determined taking into account the service life of geosynthetic materials.
To increase the stability of the embankment on a weak foundation, taking into account the engagement of friction forces on the contact “reinforcing element-soil of the embankment and soil of the foundation”, geosynthetic materials should be laid on the prepared base in the transverse direction relative to the axis of the embankment, and filling of the soil should be done to the design density without sliding arrival of construction equipment on the geogrid.
Main advantages of use:
  • Reducing the area of the construction site, reducing the volume of imported aggregate and the possibility of replacing it with local soil
  • The ability to create slopes with an angle of up to 90 ° inclusive
  • Minimal construction costs and ease of operation
  • Structural strength is ensured by high quality material and competent design solution.
  • Significant reduction in construction costs.