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"Slavros": a solid foundation of railways

The transition of the road sector to an innovative development path is ensured by the large-scale use of the latest efficient technologies and materials in order to increase the reliability and service life of road structures, increase the technical level and the transport and operational condition of railways, and reduce the cost of road works.

In recent years, one of the most promising ways to reinforce the roadbed in railway construction has been the use of various types of geosynthetic materials (geotextiles, geogrids, geogrids, geoycais, geocomposites of various kinds). They are used in many leading countries of the world (Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, USA, Russia) and have proven themselves in solving various engineering problems.

The specialists of Slavros developed fundamental solutions for the use of geosynthetic materials in the construction of railways. For anti-erosion protection of the slopes, reinforcement of embankments used volumetric geogrid "Slavros ZHD-O". It is a cell construction of polyethylene tapes 1.5-2 mm thick, stapled together in a checkerboard pattern by welded high-strength seams.

The geogrid retains its physical and mechanical characteristics for many years of operation. It can be used in the subgrade layer during the reconstruction and overhaul of the track, it is easy to install and is designed for use in macroclimatic areas with a temperate, cold and marine climate. "Slavros ZHD -O" allows to reduce the deformation of the slope, protect the slope from water and wind erosion, increasing the life of the structure as a whole, as well as carry out a comprehensive repair of the desired section of the road with the least amount of time and money, which is very important for the railway industry.

In order to strengthen the sub ballast layer of the rail base of the railway track, as well as for use in structures that perceive high dynamic or static loads, a flat polypropylene grid “Slavros ZhD-P” is used. The reinforcement technology of the subbalance layer with the “ZhD-P” geogrids is well combined with standard technologies for the construction of a railway track. If necessary, polystyrene foam or geotextiles can be laid with the geogrid.

«"Slavros ZhD-P" has a high tensile strength in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, as well as high reinforcing capacity due to the optimal cell size, which allows to wedge the crushed stone base, avoiding indentation of the soil. Its use significantly reduces the cost of operating the railway and reduces the frequency of scheduled repairs.

Slavros materials have a number of competitive advantages over similar materials from foreign manufacturers. They are cheaper, but not at all inferior to foreign ones in quality. The geogrids “ZhDO” and “ZhD-P” have the necessary technical and permitting documentation - they obtained certificates of conformity in the state certification register for the federal railway transport (RS FAT). The quality of materials "Slavros" also says the successful experience of their use on the Northern and Gorky railways.

Our own production plant "Slavros" is located in the heart of Russia - in the city of Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl Region, which provides convenience of product delivery to many regions. The company has a technical department that develops new products and solutions. Engineers of the technical department are ready to provide services at all stages of working with clients - from design to production, from pre-sale to post-sale service.