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Slavros - in the service of the Russian roads

The Russian market of extremely necessary and demanded in construction of geosynthetic materials continues to develop. Carefully studying the market trends, the needs of road builders, the company "Slavros" - the largest Russian manufacturer of geosynthetics.

Along with the implementation of well – proven materials-biaxial geogrids "Slavros-SD", bulk geogrids "Slavros – GR", uniaxial geogrids-"Slavros-CO", drainage composite "Slavros-drainage", geomembrane, the company continues to expand its product line, as well as to develop innovative materials that can improve the quality of domestic roads.

One of the results of the outgoing year was the receipt in the state register of certification on the Federal railway transport (RS FGT) certificates of conformity for polymer geogrid brands "ZHD-O" and "ZHD-P". "Slavros ZHD-P" geogrid is a flat polypropylene grid with a rectangular cell, specially designed to strengthen the sub-ballast layer of the railway track and the base of the roadbed, as well as for use in structures that perceive high dynamic loads. Volume geogrid "Slavros ZHD-O" is a honeycomb structure made of polyethylene strips 1.5-2 mm thick, fastened together in a staggered manner with high-strength welded seams. It can be used in the sub-ballast layer in the reconstruction and overhaul of the track.

In April, the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology received a certificate for the Slavros-RADO 1.1 program, developed with the support of ROSAVTODOR. This is a specialized software that allows you to automate the process of calculating the strength of the pavement reinforced with geogrids "Slavros SD". The program allows you to perform calculations of non-rigid type of pavement according to the requirements of normative documents ODN 218.046-01, MODN 2-2001 and ODM 218.5.002-2008 (as of February 15, 2010), as well as provides opportunities to choose the most optimal solutions. It is a convenient tool for designing optimal designs of non-rigid type of pavement taking into account local climatic,geological and structural factors.

The company successfully cooperates with leading research institutes, where its materials are tested, as well as with large design institutes. Among them ROSDORNII, SOUZDORNII, scientific and technical center for Geotechnology MOSGRAZHDANPROEKT.

On the quality of materials "Slavros" says the list of objects on which they were used. These are the most important routes M4 "don", M8" Kholmogory", M58" Amur", the RING road of St. Petersburg; roads of Tatarstan and Belarus; Gorky and Northern Railways. The clients are leading companies, JSC "Mechel" NK "Rosneft", OJSC "Megionneftegaz", Toyota, Hyundai, diamond company "ALROSA".