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"Slavros-RADO" - to help designers

At the end of last year, at the international conference APGM, Slavros, the largest Russian manufacturer of a wide range of geosynthetic materials, presented to specialists and the public its program for calculating reinforced pavement clothing, Slavros-RADO, created with the support of ROSAVTODOR and allowing to perform calculations using a biaxially oriented geogrid "Slavros SD".

Until recently, the use of reinforcing layers of geosynthetic materials was experimental in nature. With the release of ODM 218.5.002-2008 "Guidelines for the use of polymer geogrids (geogrids) to reinforce layers of pavement made of granular materials" developed by specialists of FSUE "RosdorNII" and NTC "Geotechnology" in 2008, the situation has changed , and a design tool appeared that allows you to calculate and incorporate geosynthetic materials into the documentation.

To simplify the selection of the design of reinforced clothing based on ODM 218.5.002-2008, the SlavrosRADO program was created (Certificate of Conformity No. ROSS RU.SP15.N00229 of April 12, 2010). Pavement calculations of the non-rigid type of roads are made with it in accordance to the requirements of regulatory documents ODN 218.046- 01, MODN 2-2001 and ODM 218.5.002-2008. The program provides the possibility of choosing the most optimal solutions.

The concept of the program is based on the use of methods of the modern theory of elasticity as applied to the calculations of the design of pavements. Eliminating the unreasonable safety factor of the structure by varying the thickness of the layers, arranging additional layers of cheap local materials, using layers of geosynthetic materials, the designer achieves the desired result.

The main functions of the Slavros-RADO program are strength engineering calculations for the design of non-rigid pavements. The main algorithms implemented include the following:
  • calculation by the criterion of compliance of the resistance of materials of monolithic constructive words to the tensile stresses arising in them from multiple short-term dynamic loads;
  • calculation by the criterion of compliance of the shear stability of materials of the structural layers and the soil of the working layer to the shear stresses arising in them under the influence of multiple short-term loads.
The composition of the additional functionality of the program includes the possibility of setting individual design characteristics of the soil, as well as the possibility of setting the individual design characteristics of asphalt concrete.

As a result of the work of the program, you can compare the required pavement strength factor with the calculated one and see whether the adopted design corresponds to the strength conditions. In the course of testing calculations when using the program, it is possible to clarify the design of the pavement design, leading it to the most rational.

The program has the ability to set the degree of detail of the report and export of reports with the results of the calculation in pdf, excel format. The full version of the calculation helps the user to make their own calculation for ODM 218.5.002-2008. SlavrosRADO is provided with examples of calculations. The program allows you to save the project data to an external file that can be used for further consultations by third-party experts.

“Slavros-RADO” is successfully used in the design of pavements on newly constructed roads, on new sections of reconstructed roads, while strengthening existing pavements, in developing catalogs and albums of typical solutions for pavement designs on common network roads. It is a convenient tool for designing optimal designs of non-rigid pavements, taking into account local climatic, geological and structural factors.