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Materials "Slavros" for the roads of the Far East

Currently in the Far East one of the priority tasks is the development of the backbone transport network. The sad fact is that in the Far East there are still hard-to-access areas. Therefore, it is extremely important to build modern, convenient, economical highways for socio-economic development and ensure the normal functioning of the Far Eastern District.

The tight deadlines and difficult climatic conditions of the Far East force the builders to apply innovative technologies and materials. Such materials include the whole range of geosynthetic materials. High manufacturability of geosynthetic materials allows them to find application in almost all sectors of the economy.

At the moment, the group of companies "SLAVROS" is the largest Russian manufacturer of polymer geosynthetic materials in Russia and the CIS countries. The main groups of products: flat oriented geogrids (geogrids), volumetric geogrids (geo cells), drainage geocomposites, insulating polymer sheet (geomembranes), geotextiles. All offered products of domestic production, has all the necessary permits and certificates.

One of the examples of the successful application of innovative technologies and materials "SLAVROS" in the Far East is the construction of a railway line to the Elga field (the Republic of Sakha Yakutia), which was ordered by Mechel OAO. In the course of work to strengthen the weak soils base, in agreement with the General Contracting Organization, ZAO Metallurgshakhtspetsstroy, Russian-made Slavor Railway-P geosynthetic composite material was used. "SLAVROS ZhD-P" is a biaxially oriented flat polypropylene geogrid with a rectangular cell, designed to strengthen the subballast layer and the base of the road bed of the railway track. The material fully complies with all the declared physical and mechanical characteristics and meets the requirements of the designed solution. "SLAVROS ZhD-P" has high tensile strength both in the longitudinal and transverse directions, as well as high reinforcing capacity due to the optimal cell size, which allows the jamming of the crushed-stone (aggregate) base, avoiding indentation of the soil. Its use has significantly reduced the cost of operating the railway and reduced the frequency of scheduled repairs.

It is known that auto and railway construction in the climatic conditions of the northern territories, dominated by marshland and ever-frozen soils, faced with a number of significant difficulties in the implementation of classical design schemes and the subsequent operation of finished coatings. Ecologically safe and durable in operation, the “Slavros” geosynthetics are multifunctional and allow to effectively solve a whole range of road construction tasks in the North, such as:

  • reinforcement of the road base to enhance It’s load carrying capacity and reduce the amount of deformations, in particular, in the case of soil thawing;
  • ensuring the overall stability of slope embankments
  • the implementation of the separation function in the form of a layer between the ballast structures and soils
  • strengthening the bases of auto winter roads to improve their performance,
  • strengthening the base for ice crossings with increasing strength of the crossing with a reduced thickness of the ice cover,
  • ensuring the insulation of structures of embankments and roads from ground and surface waters or their successful removal.

In the case of the design of the Ulak-Elga railway line in the conditions of the Yakutia region, it implies the presence of a large number of weak soils in combination with the presence of permafrost soils at the base. Calculations have shown that reinforcement measures must be taken to ensure sustainability. On the areas of weak base, comprehensive measures were taken to ensure sustainability: partial cutting, filling of berms, construction of reinforcing layers from flat geolattices "Slavroz ZhD-P". Specialists of our company carried out calculations and design of individual roadbed, controlled all stages of fitting on-site, conducted personnel training.

As a major manufacturer of geosynthetic materials, our company is not limited to this. We work as an engineering company, interacting at all stages of project implementation from the engineering project stage to direct material installation (installation supervision). SLAVROS Group of Companies successfully cooperates with leading research institutes of the Far East, where materials are tested, as well as with major design institutes. Among them are ROSDORNII, SOIUZDORNII, GIPROTRANSMOST, IRKUTSKGIPRODORNII, NPO MOSTOVIK, etc.

Our specialists offer competent technical solutions based on calculations using the materials of the Slavros brand, where they work effectively or where they cannot be dispensed with. Projects with our materials successfully pass the state expertise. We provide contractors with the best price - quality ratio and uninterrupted delivery on time to construction sites. For customers, we are interested in modern technical solutions that reduce the time of work, consistent product quality and a large number of positive feedbacks on the objects implemented in the territory of the Russian Federation.