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Slavros reinforced ground systems

Magazine "Roads. Innovations in construction"
In order to reduce the sideways used up in the construction of embankments in constrained conditions (due to the presence of buildings, communications, roads) there is a need to build retaining walls. Recently, along with the traditional structures of retaining walls of monolithic reinforced concrete, reinforced soil structures, which are an artificial structure made layer-by-layer reinforcement of the embankment soil with geosynthetic materials, in particular - with the Slavros SO polyethylene, are becoming more and more widespread.

Improving the reliability of the roadbed.

Journal "Dorogi" July 2013.
When implementing a significant part of transport infrastructure projects in our country, we have to face the problem of weak soils. Unfortunately, many of the proposed solutions are characterized by high cost, long and time-consuming execution, environmental damage. A variant involving the use of geosynthetics brand NPK Slavros LLC, devoid of the above features.

Experience in the use of geosynthetic materials "SLAVROS" in the Far East Currently

Materials "Slavros" for the roads of the Far East
The sad fact is that in the Far East there are still hard-to-access areas.
And in order for the plans to create a new economy of the Far Eastern region to be implemented, the development of the backbone transport network of this remote Russian territory becomes one of the priority tasks. Semenina Alesya Head of the Marketing Department, NPK Slavros LLC.

Russian roads. The crisis is over!

Magazine "Modern Technologies" Building 2011
Russian roads since entering the market of geosynthetic materials are no longer the No. 1 problem in the country. About how this problem is solved, we talk with the head of NPK Slavros LLC, which produces geosynthetic materials for the construction and repair of facilities and structures.