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Anti-erosion geo-mats

Slavros is one of the key players in the geosynthetics market. Since 2001, the geosynthetic products of NPK Slavros LLC have been providing excellent quality and reliability to the facilities of the transportation and industrial infrastructure of the Russian regions. We own the manufacturing together with a developed dealers’ network helping to form one of the best deals in terms of price - quality ratio.

The catalog of our site contains detailed information on prices for geo-mats. A wide range of products is represented by geo-mats of various characteristics: geo-mats from polymeric, synthetic or natural fibers; bonded by chemical, thermal or mechanical methods. Geosynthetic products "Slavros" meets the requirements of technical control and GOST standards. You can buy geo-mats in bulk by making a preliminary application by phone or by contacting regional representatives of the company.

Technical requirements: our materials comply with the requirements of technical regulation.
  1. GOST R 55028 - 2012
  2. ODM 218.2.046 - 2014
  3. ODM 218.2.078 - 2016

Anti-erosion geo-mats – are geosynthetic products that significantly increase the reliability and strength of the soil layer. The slopes and slopes of areas with unstable and complex soil can be protected from unforeseen destruction by the laying of geo-mats. Together with geotextiles and geogrids geo-mats form a durable protective belt for the soil. The unique structure of this material allows to achieve the desired results even with its separate application without the use of other geosynthetic materials. Installation of geosynthetics allows to achieve the following results:

Material characteristics

  1. High chemical resistance pH from 4 to 10;
  2. Low weight;
  3. Temperature mode of operation from -50 to + 50 ° C;
  4. High installation speed.

Application area

Soil erosion always leads to negative consequences, which are almost impossible to eliminate. However, due to the use of special geosynthetic materials, soil erosion can be prevented.

  • the final cost of the construction project is significantly reduced;
  • interference with the natural landscape structure is excluded;
  • terms of realization of the project of arrangement are considerably reduced;
  • ensures maximum structural strength due to high adhesion to various types of soil.

The effective protection of soil rocks from destruction with geo-mats becomes accessible to everyone. Geosynthetic products are perfectly combined with herbs, bitumen, gravel and other materials. Most often geo-mats buy when performing the following works:

  1. Strengthening of the coastal zone;
  2. Reinforcement of the soil on the slopes;
  3. Landscaping and land improvement;
  4. Landscape Design;
  5. Road construction activities;
  6. Installation of green roof.

Durability, resistance to UV exposure and temperature extremes, non-toxicity are important advantages of geo-mats over concrete and asphalt structures. Thus, geo-mats are an effective high-tech solution to prevent landslides, wind and water erosion of the soil.