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Geogrids Slavros SO


Material: polyethylene
Production Method: Extrusion

The use of high-strength geosynthetic materials allows to increase the stability of soil structures, thereby providing the necessary stability of the soil. To achieve these goals, it is proposed to use the Slavros SO monoaxially oriented geogrid..

The material is a geogrid with long and narrow ribs oriented in one direction to create high tensile strength.



Areas of use:

  • reduction of the area of the land for construction;
  • reducing the amount of imported aggregates and the possibility of replacing it with local soil;
  • the possibility of creating slopes with an angle of up to 90 ° inclusive;
  • minimal construction costs and ease of operation.

Where is it used?

The “Slavros CO” geogrid is a polyethylene mesh with long and narrow ribs oriented in one direction to create high tensile strength.

Road construction

The geogrid "Slavros SO" has a great tensile strength in one direction, which allows it to be used to increase the carrying capacity of a weak base, build embankments in cramped conditions, reduce the area of land occupied on the approaches to bridges, restore landslide slopes. 

During using of the “Slavros SO” monoaxially oriented geogrid, it is possible to construct retaining walls of any foundation up to the vertical one. Armored soil structures using Slavros CO allow to reduce the requirements for backfill soils and use local soil

Main geometric dimensionsbiaxially oriented geogrid  (geogrids) «Slavros SO» 

Specifications Unit. Slavros SO Geogrids
55 80 90 110 120 140 160 162
Roll width, not more м 1,2
Roll length standard + 1% м 50
А, + 8% mm 16
В, + 4% мм 235 235 235 235 235 235 230 230

Physic-mechanical parameters biaxially oriented geogrid Slavros SO

Geogrid Symbols Tensile load in the longitudinal direction, not less, kH/м: Surface density, г/м 2, +3%-10%
At break At relative lengthening
2% 5%
Slavros SO-55 55 12 25 420
Slavros SO-80 80 20 40 600
Slavros SO-90 90 23 46 690
Slavros SO-110 110 29 58 860
Slavros SO-120 120 30 60 940
Slavros SO-140 140 35 70 1100
Slavros SO-160 160 40 80 1260
Slavros SO-162 162 45 90 1410

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Installation technique

The organization and technology of work on the device reinforced earth mound

1.1 General provisions
1.1.1  Works must be carried out according to the working drawings of the project and the outage.
1.1.2. These technical recommendations consider the process of making a road bed on a weak base reinforced with a Slavros SO geogrid.
1.1.3. The work must be carried out by specialized organizations that have the right to carry out this type of work, under the technical guidance and control of the responsible producer.
1.1.4 It is prohibited to carry out work on technical solutions (projects) of organizations that do not have the right to carry out design work.
1.2     Requirements for the readiness of previous work

efore the construction of the reinforced foundation of the earthen mound, the following activities should be performed:  
  • The geodesic center basis was completed and certified with the registration of the geodesic center basis inspection certificate of the capital construction object.
  • Arranged areas for parking and repair equipment.
  • Access roads are set up.
  • Arranged a temporary lighting of the work area.
  • Arranged a temporary protective fence work area.
  • A line of temporary power supply.
  • Delivered materials, tools.
  • Surface water abstracted.
  • The vegetative layer is cut off and the foundation for the earthen mound is prepared (if necessary).
The survey of the foundation of the road bed with the registration of the certificate of examination of the hidden works with the executive scheme.

1.1 Technological sequence of the device reinforced embankment
1.1.1 Arrange a cushion of the base of the mound 20 cm (soil - sand, sand and gravel mix):
-to deliver soil by dump trucks;
-to level a soil the bulldozer with a layer thickness of 24 cm;
-to make the soil compaction of the base cushion using a cam vibratory roller until reaching the design compaction factor of 0.95, in the compaction process, check the density using a ground penetrometer. To carry out laboratory control of the soil layer compaction with the registration of the laboratory test report.
1.1.2. Lay the reinforcing sheets of the “Slavros SO” geogrid of the layer of the embankment reinforcing base:
-spread out and cut off the first canvas of the geogrid in place with a release on each side of 0.5 m;
-spread out and cut off the remaining sheets of the geogrid in place with an overlap of the previous sheet by one cell and a release on each side of 0.5 m;
-make the binding of the geogrid's networks with knitting wire with a step of 0.5 m, not less than 5 (five) turns.

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