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Geogrids Geogrid for road construction


Requirements for quality, durability, resistance to mechanical loads for the roadway are constantly growing, simultaneously with the increase in traffic. Traditional materials for drainage and backfilling do not always meet these criteria. The cost of a quality road is high. Geogrid for road construction is an innovative material that reduces the cost of production and maintenance of tracks for any purpose.

Geogrid is made of polymers, has high strength, long service life, the ability to maintain technical characteristics at temperature and humidity. Laying of the geogrid makes the road surface is a high-tech and durable.

The use of geogrid in the construction of roads

The construction of multi-lane roads is much more efficient and better when using polymer material. Road geogrid is laid on the bearing base. Top mounted bedding and asphalt coating. This technology makes the construction cost-effective for the customer. Reduced terms of laying the coating and the frequency of repairs of the web.

Relevant is the use of geogrid for the construction of roads in permafrost, in the presence of wetlands and sand areas. The material eliminates the sliding of the backfill and drainage layer. The cloth receives a minimum of defects at movement of soil and constant loading from freight transport.

Geogrid can be used in the construction of bridges and overpasses. The material is used to strengthen the layers of soil, gravel and sand. After laying the geogrid, bulk materials do not slide down the slope. As a result, the strength and stability of the structure meets the requirements of regulatory documents, and the cost of its construction is reduced.

Material functions

The geogrid under the road is made of polymers, has a through cellular structure and the correct form. The production uses modern technologies such as injection molding, pressing, extrusion, and perforation. Finished geogrid elements are fixed and retain their shape under mechanical loads.

The main functions of geogrid are:

  • Improvement and strengthening of the Foundation under asphalt pavement. The laid material is filled up with crushed stone, sand, other granular compositions, excludes their movement under load.
  • While laying on the inclined surfaces of the geogrid holds the soil from sliding and makes the construction durable and solid.
  • On weak soils, the geogrid also keeps the base of the road surface from fluctuations, seasonal movements, swelling and failures.

The use of geogrid in road construction is an opportunity to improve the quality of the canvas, make it more durable and long-lasting. Laying the material makes it possible to reduce the cost of maintenance due to the reduction in the number of repairs.

Advantages of geogrid for road construction

Unlike geogrid, geogrid for roads is not used to reinforce the web. The material is available in several variants. Depending on the needs of the customer and the characteristics of the road surface, the height of the grid and the size of the mesh change. The advantages of using geogrids can be attributed:

  • Reduction of the volume of used bulk materials per unit length of the finished coating. If calculated correctly, savings of up to 40 per cent can be achieved.
  • Due to the reduction of labor costs for transportation and laying of bulk materials, the terms of commissioning are reduced. Also the cost of construction becomes lower.
  • Transport and operational characteristics of the roadway are significantly increasing. Repairs are required much less frequently, thus reducing the annual cost of maintaining the track in working condition.
  • The service life of the road, bridge, overpass or interchange is significantly increased.
  • By means of a geogrid it is possible to increase durability of a paving, respectively the road can be used by heavy cargo vehicles without risk of damage of a cloth.
  • The destructive impact of groundwater, seismic activity, soil movement do not have a negative impact on the state of the road or bridge.
  • In winter, the geogrid evenly distributes the load on the soil. After melting snow on the road do not form dips and pits.

Compensation of soil movement and strengthening of the road surface base with the help of geogrid is easier and more efficient than competing materials. When reducing the total cost of construction and repair of roads, the choice of material is economically justified.

The advantages of ordering geogrids in our company

The Slavros company works at the market of geosynthetic materials from the moment of the basis. The assortment of the company are the geogrids to reinforce the road, made in accordance with the requirements of normative documents. We offer affordable prices for high quality products, organize the delivery of goods to any region of the country.

Turning to our company, the client receives the following benefits:

  • The enterprise realizes a geogrid of own production executed on the modern equipment with use of the latest technologies.
  • The company does not work with intermediaries, which allows us to form favorable prices for its products.
  • Delivery of goods is carried out through the dealer network of the enterprise. Trade representations are open more than in 37 areas across the country.
  • Each client can count on professional advice and technical support in the design and construction of roads with the help of our geogrid.
  • The product range is constantly expanding. In the catalog there are new geosynthetics with a wide range of uses.

In order to select and order the desired type of geogrid, just go to the company's website or contact managers by phone. Experienced staff will help you to understand the features of each product and make a choice. For regular customers discounts and special offers.

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