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Construction of airfields

The construction of airfields involves making technically competent and reliable decisions. In order to successfully accomplish the tasks, in the construction of aerodromes, universal geosynthetic materials are used to create ultra-strong soil reinforcement and reinforcement systems, increase the operational period of the runways and reproduce efficient drainage systems.
The airfield pavement consists of several layers. It constantly carrying large dynamic loads.
As a result of these factors, cracks are formed in the lower layer of the pavement of the aerodrome, which are mirrored into the upper layer.
The main problem is that you can fill or seal the reflected crack only for a short time - it will soon appear again. You have to spend substantial funds on such a repair, but it is ineffective.
It was believed for a long time, that it was impossible to stabilize the base so that reflected cracks did not form on the top layer of the road surface of the airfield. But now it has become possible thanks to the appearance of geomaterials.
Geomaterial reinforces the base, improves the adhesion of the pavement layers, increases the safety factors in mabdatory and prevents the appearance of reflected cracks.
For the construction of airfields on weak soils, it is necessary to ensure an increase in the bearing capacity of the base, which is experiencing large dynamic loads. The introduction of innovative technologies for reinforcement of the road pavement in practice makes it possible to increase rigidity and minimize the base deformation. This method attracts with its versatility, simplicity of technological solutions and profitability. Significantly reduced construction costs, increasing the life of the pavement.
Functions of geosynthetic materials:

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