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Oil and gas complex

Geosynthetics mark "Slavros" can be used in the oil and gas industry in the construction of highways (time, technology and continuous), pipelines for underground and above-ground laying (for strengthening of slopes in the place of installation of support structures), the ballasting of pipelines in flooded areas, using a soil backfill, the protection of anti-corrosion insulation from destruction when exposed to rocky soil, solid waste management, in the field of builders cities, towns, pumping and compressor stations, other environmental protection measures.

The main hydrocarbon reserves in our country are developed in the regions of Western and Eastern Siberia, where swampy terrain and permafrost soils predominate. Companies-subsoil users engaged in mining, difficulties in the construction and operation of roads, pipelines, platforms and infrastructure under the bushes wells.

Technical solutions with the use of geosynthetic materials for the reinforcement of roads, driveways and sites allow to obtain more durable soil structures, with a significant reduction in repair costs and the period of precipitation during the operation of deposits. Technical solutions with geosynthetic materials for the protection of trunk pipelines are also cost-effective.

The company "Slavros" in the oil and gas industry uses:
  • the polymeric material road mark "Slavros composite" when the device clips and polumbaum in the foundations of roads and grounds;
  • geotextile "Slavros TAP" when the device clips and polumbaum in the foundations of roads and areas in areas with deep peat occurrences;
  • biaxially oriented geogrid "Slavros SD" in the reinforcement of road pavement.
  • "Slavros SD" geogrid allows to reduce the consumption of imported soil to ensure the stability of embankments, roads and pipelines through the use of local materials. Provide transportation equipment to the construction of oil and gas pipeline, improve the device of temporary and technological roads in particular-long-distance roads in the construction of oil and gas pipelines.
  • single-axis geogrid "Slavros CO" for reinforcement of road bases and platforms for removal of internal loads;
  • Ballasting of pipelines is carried out using ground weights of geotextile.
  • Geotextile reinforces the entire soil backfill, protects the soil from erosion and prevents erosion. The use of geotextiles allows the maximum use of local soils.
  • The use of geotextiles in the structures of underground gas pipelines ballasting does not require for the installation of heavy lifting equipment, can reduce the cost of scarce building materials (steel, cement, gravel, drainage soil, etc.) and transport costs by reducing traffic. In addition, construction time is reduced and investment in ballasting is significantly reduced.
  • Volume geogrid "Slavros GR" is used as anti-erosion protection of embankments (embankments) of oil and gas pipelines, as a reinforcing layer of heat shield, ground berm, pipelines laid in permafrost conditions, must be protected from external influences. One of these methods is the collapse of the pipeline with protection from weathering of the soil using the geogrid " Slavros GR»

The main advantages of the application of geosynthetic materials "Slavros»:

  • reducing the volume of imported aggregate and the possibility of its replacement by local soil;
  • the simplicity of the work during the construction;
  • structural strength is provided by high quality material and competent design solution;
  • significant reduction in construction costs compared to traditional solutions.

Functions of geosynthetics: