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Mining industry

The mining industry belongs to the class of especially dangerous objects, work on which are associated with a number of problems. Underground mining, open cast mining and quarrying, mining and processing of mineral resources, transportation of combustible and explosive substances — all of these tasks require measures to ensure the safety of people and the environment. At the same time, despite the demand for and prospects for the industry, there are also economic problems associated with the profitability of production. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce innovative technologies that reduce costs and make it possible to accelerate the process of exploring and developing new deposits and mining at already known deposits.
Geomaterials can be used to separate layers of soil, reinforce weak bases, strengthen natural and artificial slopes (including rocks), filter and drainage. Geosynthetics makes it possible for reinforcing weak soil foundations on the mining field to exclude the formation of landslides and soil erosion under flowing water. The scope of geomaterials in the mining industry is virtually unlimited. They can be used in any climatic, on frozen ground, swamps and peatlands, in underground mines and open pits.
Geosynthetic materials can be used in slope reinforcement, quarries, including weak flooded, dusty soils, rocks. They allow you to stabilize the soil, reinforce the base, to eliminate the likelihood of landslides and the formation of cracks. For reinforcement, one or several layers of geomaterial (or geocomposite) are superimposed on the base, the design is securely fastened with anchors. This technology allows you to eliminate or minimize the risks in the mining industry.
.There are negative factors in the mining industry that need to be minimized. In particular, this man-made load destroys the geosystem. To reduce it, it is necessary to waterproof the pits into which mining operations are drained. For arranging filtration membranes and preventing the migration of chemical contaminants into groundwater, you can use geomaterials

Functions of geosynthetic materials: