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The first ecoduс in Russia was opened in the Kaluga region

The first Russian ecoduс has been officially commissioned in the Kaluga region. Ecoduс is a passage for animals, which is being built as part of the reconstruction of the federal road M3 "Ukraine". This unique structure appeared on the 170th kilometer of the route not far from the interchange at Kaluga.

The location of the ecoduc was determined in accordance with the recommendations of experts on animal migration issues in the Kaluga region. The route in this area passes through a dense forest in which wild animals live, including large one. Ecoduc will help preserve traditional animal migration routes. In combination with the fence installed throughout the reconstruction site, the probability of animals appearing on the road will be completely excluded, the road company press service reports.

We remind you that the placement of eсoduc in this place was recommended by the regional Ministry of Agriculture. Experts on wild animals claim: this is the natural migration route of large ungulates from the north-western regions to the south passes.