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Builder's Day 2016 14/08


Builder's Day 2016 14/08

Builder's Day is the builders professional holiday that is customarily celebrated on the second Sunday of August every year. It was august 14 in 2016. It is well known that our distant ancestors began to build from the moment of their inception, although the first buildings were primitive, nevertheless, people always wanted to have their homes.

Builders are considered to be representatives of one of the most peaceful, creative professions in the world. They not only build new construction sites, but also renovate the old ones.

Recently, the construction industry in our country has reached a fairly powerful pace of development and today a huge number of construction companies successfully operate in the construction industry of the economy, successfully providing the widest and highest quality range of services.

Builders always strive to apply the newest technologies, to apply in the construction and decoration of original and promising design solutions and developments in their work. They are building in such a way that it is possible to save the buildings they have created for future generations, ensuring their high quality.