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Testing site for monitoring damages

They underwent through damages monitoring test of geosynthetic materials in various environments to determine if their coefficients of durability will pass through the test.

The first ecoduс in Russia was opened in the Kaluga region

The first Russian ecoduс has been officially commissioned in the Kaluga region. Ecoduс is a passage for animals, which is being built as part of the reconstruction of the federal road M3 "Ukraine". This unique structure appeared on the 170th kilometer of the route not far from the interchange at Kaluga.

International Forum "Intelligent Transportation Systems of Russia"

September 27–28, 2016 in Moscow, with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Federal Highway Agency, an international forum “Intelligent Transportation Systems of Russia” will be held.

During the event, the forum participants will discuss issues of ITS operation on the federal highway network, on railway transport, in megalopolises and regions of the Russian Federation. As part of the discussion, special attention will be paid to the creation of modern multifunctional zones and interactive service on the roads. For the first time in the framework of such an event, guests and experts will be able to participate in a unique SWOT analysis of the prospects for the emergence and use of unmanned vehicles in Russia.