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Geo-synthetic materials production of "Slavros" trademark



Own production is a guarantee of quality and optimal prices for customers


Providing professional technical support at all stages of design and construction

Technical support

The technical department of NPK Slavros LLC will always be able to offer you a solution that will be optimal, complete, and effective regardless of the complexity of the problem

Installation and supervising

Contract supervision - is expert consulting services, including technical guidance and supervision of experienced professionals

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This year we have put on objects, m2: 014052683
Сompany NPK Slavros s.r.o., contributes to improving the quality of constructed and reconstructed facilities and structures of transport and industry infrastructure. read more


Testing site for monitoring damages

Ground test has been passed.


The first ecoduс in Russia was opened in the Kaluga region

The first Russian ecoduс has been officially commissioned in the Kaluga region. Ecoduс is a passage for animals, which is being built as part of the reconstruction of the federal road M3 "Ukraine".


International Forum "Intelligent Transportation Systems of Russia"

September 27–28, 2016 in Moscow, with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Federal Highway Agency, an international forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia” will be held.


Builder's Day 2016 14/08

Builder's Day is the builders professional holiday that is customarily celebrated on the second Sunday of August every year.


By 2030, there will be 20 thousand kilometers of highways in Russia

By 2030, there will be 20 thousand kilometers of high-ways in Russia After 14 years - by 2030 - in Central Russia, the regions of Siberia and the Urals there will be about 20 thousand kilometers of high-ways.


Happy New Year!!!

Dear friends, we sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


VI International specialized exhibition - forum "ROAD 2015"

«ДОРОГА 2015»


"Slavros" soil reinforcing systems

In order to reduce the sideways for the construction of embankments in constrained conditions (due to the presence of buildings, communications, roads) there is a need to build retaining walls. Recently, along with the traditional structures of retaining walls of monolithic reinforced concrete, reinforced soil structures, which are an artificial structure made by layer-by-layer reinforcement of the embankment soil with geosynthetic materials, in particular - with the Slavros SO polyethylene, are becoming more and more widespread.

Reinforced soil, to some extent, is similar to reinforced concrete, while in one case the reinforcement is connected with the soil, in the other - with concrete. However, the comparison is not quite fair for these two environments, as in reinforced concrete, reinforcement is designed to perceive tensile forces in the structural element, and in reinforced soil, in particular, using unbound soil, there will probably be a field of exclusively compressive stresses. Consequently, the effect of reinforcement consists in the unequal limitation of normal deformation in different directions.

Materials "Slavros" for the roads of the Far East

Currently in the Far East one of the priority tasks is the development of the backbone transport network. The sad fact is that in the Far East there are still hard-to-access areas. Therefore, it is extremely important to build modern, convenient, economical highways for socio-economic development and ensure the normal functioning of the Far Eastern District.

The tight deadlines and difficult climatic conditions of the Far East force the builders to apply innovative technologies and materials. Such materials include the whole range of geosynthetic materials. High manufacturability of geosynthetic materials allows them to find application in almost all sectors of the economy.

At the moment, the group of companies "SLAVROS" is the largest Russian manufacturer of polymer geosynthetic materials in Russia and the CIS countries. The main groups of products: flat oriented geogrids (geogrids), volumetric geogrids (geo cells), drainage geo-composites, insulating polymer sheet (geomembranes), geotextiles. All offered products of domestic production, has all the necessary permits and certificates.

Slavros - in the service of the Russian roads

The Russian market of extremely necessary and demanded in construction of geosynthetic materials continues to develop. Carefully studying the market trends, the needs of road builders, the company "Slavros" - the largest Russian manufacturer of geosynthetics.

Along with the implementation of well – proven materials-biaxial geogrids "Slavros-SD", bulk geogrids "Slavros – GR", uniaxial geogrids-"Slavros-CO", drainage composite "Slavros-drainage", geomembrane, the company continues to expand its product line, as well as to develop innovative materials that can improve the quality of domestic roads.

"Slavros": a solid foundation of railways

The transition of the road sector to an innovative development path is ensured by the large-scale use of the latest efficient technologies and materials in order to increase the reliability and service life of road structures, increase the technical level and the transport and operational condition of railways, and reduce the cost of road works.

"Slavros-RADO" - to help designers

At the end of last year, at the international conference APGM, Slavros, the largest Russian manufacturer of a wide range of geosynthetic materials, presented to specialists and the public its program for calculating reinforced pavement clothing, Slavros-RADO, created with the support of ROSAVTODOR and allowing to perform calculations using a biaxially oriented geogrid "Slavros SD".

Until recently, the use of reinforcing layers of geosynthetic materials was experimental in nature. With the release of ODM 218.5.002-2008 "Guidelines
or the use of polymer geogrids (geogrids) to reinforce layers of pavement made of granular materials" developed by specialists of FSUE "RosdorNII" and NTC "Geotechnology" in 2008, the situation has changed , and a design tool appeared that allows you to calculate and incorporate geosynthetic materials into the documentation.